Sunglass Wall Cabinet

Sunglass Wall Cabinet

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This locking sunglass wall cabinet features a maximum of 98 sunglasses with the flexibility to display a minimum of 71 as inventory fluctuates. Soft white illuminated back panels highlight the product both on the wall and in the case line. The baseline consists of 3 individual pull-out drawers with removable high capacity displays to individually romance best sellers and new styles. Perfect for use in conjunction with the BEX #D0004 Flexible Capacity In-case Riser Kits.

The locking storage cabinets at the bottom allow room to store extra inventory and empty cases. A recessed brochure holder, located on the front of the cabinet, keeps literature handy without taking up valued counter space.

The cabinet is constructed from clear and white polycarbonate, coated MDF, glass featuring illuminated logo’s.

Capacity: Minimum 71, Maximum 98

Color: Black

Dimensions: Height: 79.5” Width: 52” Depth: 20”

*Shipping and handling not included

*Ask your sales representative about introductory wholesale packages that include this display fixture.

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