BEX Polarized Lens

BEX has a variety of lenses to choose from, each individually unique. We offer a Nylon Polarized lens, our P200 polarized lens, a Military Grade lens and our exclusive Defender lens. All of our lenses are polarized and provide superior protection against UVA, UVB, UVC rays, and blue light. Finding the right lens for who you are, and what you do is provided in the information below.

BEX sunglasses feature proprietary NYPO™ (Nylon-Polarized) lens technology and our BEX P200 lens technology.  The unique construction of our multi-layered lenses outshines standard lenses in the industry. This specialized process combines a premium polarized film with a high-grade nylon or polycarbonate lens through a precise multi-layered injection mold for optimum durability and optical clarity.

The result is a lightweight polarized lens that offers chemical, impact, abrasion, and high-temperature resistance while maintaining dynamic optical performance. Seeing is believing, experience life through the BEX™ lenses. 

This lens is best for anyone who wants the is concerned about weight and durability. We recommend for the cyclist, runners, tennis players, basketball, baseball, ranchers, and equestrian.

Your sight is important; it deserves the strongest lens on the market. The BEX Military Grade lens passes all Military Grade testing. This lens is resistant to high impact penetration from objects traveling 650 ft. per second.  BEX Military lenses are built to be tough and durable, never compromise.

This lens is best suited for anyone in law enforcement, mountain biking, construction workers, armed forces, motorcyclists or anyone who is worried about high impact material damaging their eyes.

Most common REVO lenses have a tendency to slowly break down from salt water, scratches, and chemicals found in sunscreens. The Defender lens is specifically designed to protect from these everyday threats inherent to an active lifestyle. Wherever life’s adventures lead, the Defender lens will keep up with you and your lifestyle.

We highly recommend the Defender lens for those who are constantly around the water. This lens can withstand scratches from sand, blocks against breakdown from salt water and repel most chemicals found in sunscreen. 

The best use of this lens would be for someone who loves fishing, boating, surfing, volleyball, and ranching.