24 Assorted Sunglass Package

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Details: Are you always getting asked to carry BEX??? Well we have made it easier than ever to carry an amazing assortment of TOP Performing styles as well as some great new game changers! This 24 piece assortment comes with a counter top BEX Display Case.  

Package assortment: 

* May be substituted based on inventory levels 

Brackley X Black/Gray
Cole Gold/Brown
Draeklyn Black/Brown
Ezra Black/Gray
Freebyrd  Tortoise/Gold
Fynnland X Black/Gray
Fynnland X Black/Brown
Griz Black/Gray
Griz Tortoise/Gold
Jaxyn X Black/Gray
Jaxyn X Black/Brown
Jaebyrd II Black/Gray
Legolas Black/Gray
Pilot Silver/Gray
Pilot Gold/Brown
Ranger Silver/Gray
Ranger Rose/Brown
Rockyt Black/Gray
Salerio XL Black/Gray
Salerio XL Black/Brown
Tanaya Black/Silver
Tanaya Black/Gold
Wesley Silver/Gray
Wesley Rose/Brown

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