Floor Sunglass Fixture

Floor Sunglass Fixture

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BEX dealers enjoy healthy profit margins on what requires a relatively small amount of space in their retail location. Consider that this fixture displays more than $3,000 of retail product, while occupying less than two square feet of floor space.

This free-standing sunglass fixture features 24 pairs of sunglasses in front of a soft white illuminated panel. The unique locking system secures the product, but allows the customer to touch, feel and recognize the BEX quality. 

The fixture is two-sided and manually rotates for convenient placement. In addition, a two sided lockable storage cabinet is included for safely storing inventory. This fixture combines black and white polycarbonate, clear acrylic, laminated MDF and illuminated logo’s.

Capacity: 24 Pairs of Sunglasses

Color: Black

Dimensions: Height: 72” Width: 15.7” Depth: 15.7”

*Shipping and handling not included

*Ask your sales representative about introductory wholesale packages that include this display fixture.

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