BEX Retail Terms Agreement

In consideration of credit being extended by BEX Sunglasses to the above named applicant for merchandise to be purchased, whether applicant be an individual or individuals, a proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation, or other entity, the undersigned applicant hereby agrees to pay, when due (as hereinafter set forth), all accounts of said applicant for purchases made. All billing invoices will be paid in full on or before the 30th day after the invoice date or on the _____ day following the invoice date if agreed to by the Parties. If payment has not been made when due, interest shall accrue at 1.5% per month on the amount due from the date of the invoice until paid. Credit privileges will be revoked if invoices are not paid in full without further notice from the retailer. Absent written permission by BEX, this agreement may not be revoked. In consideration of BEX extending credit to the above-named entity, the undersigned hereby personally and unconditionally guarantees any and all present and future debts and obligations of said company to BEX.  BEX reserves the right to require a deposit before the shipment of any inventory.


To gain and maintain wholesale status with BEX, applicant must meet the following conditions:

  • Maintain a storefront or other form of retail outlet.
  • Provide appropriate retail display space for BEX products.
  • Provide a valid resale or business license / Tax I.D. number.
  • Buy BEX products with intent to resale to end user consumer.
  • Never list, or sell, BEX products at more than 20% of the M.S.R.P without written BEX approval.
  • Maintain an inventory in the amount of $500 or greater based upon wholesale prices.



  • Initial order minimum is $500 of product value at wholesale pricing.
  • Subsequent order minimum is $250 at wholesale pricing.
  • Standard wholesale is typically set at keystone pricing and applies to most BEX products.
  • If approved, invoice credit terms are 30 day net, unless otherwise approved.
  • Stocked items are usually dispatched within 3 business days. Non- stocked items may take up to 9 weeks to ship.
  • BEX reserves the right to discontinue wholesale status in the event that terms of this agreement are breached.
  • BEX product displays and/or racks will be provided to your store. BEX reserves the right to confiscate such displays in the event that ANY products other than official BEX products are found to be displayed in BEX display cases and/or racks.